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Beyond the seasonality of ice cream with Delight of the Iarp Cool Emotions Family

Beyond the seasonality of ice cream with Delight of the Iarp Cool Emotions Family

The ability to evolve and know how to renew oneself is, today more than ever, fundamental to the success of ice cream parlours. 2020 marked a turning point for the sector. It is worth noting that the principal changes include the fast acceleration of already existing trends in the sector. First, the evolution of eating habits and moments of consumption that contribute to the deseasonalisation of ice cream consumption, making it annual and no longer associated to the summer period. A greater frequency of purchase, increasingly in line with foreign countries and a trend to experiment new distribution concepts, as it happened in the coffee sector. There is significant support for semi-industrial ice cream, offered by the brands of the Food&Bev within innovative formats, like in flagship stores, in the food courts of hypermarkets or in single brand shops.


Epta, in favour of a higher profitability of ice cream parlours, with its Iarp brand, proposes solutions to increase the emotional factor, crucial in increasing impulse purchases on which the growth of the category is based. The launch of the Delight range extension, scooping of the Iarp Cool Emotions family, also makes the solution available with 16, 18 and 20 basins, in favour of a greater range of assortment. The cabinets enhance the quality, genuine ingredients and the authentic taste of the creamed ice cream and the new products, such as the vegan products or products designed for consumers with food intolerances.


Delight stands out for its clean lines and coordinated aesthetics with the other vertical and semi-vertical plug-in cabinets of the family, to create compositions that ensure maximum consistency with the look & feel of the premises, shaping environments with distinctive décor. Worthy of note is also the customisation of the front and sides of the cabinets, with panels of different materials, such as wood, or digital print directly on the sheet metal. This technology responds simply and quickly to the need of uniqueness of each cabinet, strengthening the brand awareness of the players of the Food&Bev market and of the operators of the Ho.Re.Ca. sector.


Furthermore, the new models feature extensive transparencies, designed for total visibility of the flavours on display. In addition to these, there is the exclusive sliding closure with low-emission glass of the internal section. An innovative design, which offers numerous advantages: optimal preservation of the product, which is always inviting to see and easy to scoop, greater comfort for the operator, protected from temperature changes, and hygiene, focused on superior food safety. This construction detail, merged with the adoption of LED lighting and R290 Propane as a more efficient and ecological refrigerant compared to traditional ones, contributes to positioning Delight among the best-in-class cabinets within the scope of the Energy Labelling regulation, in force since 1 March 2021 in all European Union Countries.