The Iarp Cool Emotions family welcomes the new Excite and Glee42

Epta Group expands the Iarp Cool Emotions range, presenting the vertical display cabinet Glee42, designed for snacks and drinks and Excite, a compact counter dedicated to packaged ice cream. Coordinated with the family feeling of the collection, the two plug-ins embody the range’s strengths: innovative ability, maximum flexibility and elevated reliability.

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Iarp es la marca que ha llevado un mundo de innovación a la refrigeración comercial. A partir de hoy, Epta ha decidido compartir con sus usuarios las tendencias que gobiernan el mundo del frío con enchufe y que permiten a Iarp colaborar activamente con marcas de excelencia para desarrollar soluciones de exposición que satisfacen sus necesidades.

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An exclusive refreshment area for Retail: the corner Shop-in-Shop by Epta and Electrolux Professional in ADI Design Index 2018

Epta has been included in ADI Design Index 2018, the prestigious ADI (Association for Industrial Design) publication that gathers the best Italian design products. The designs chosen by the Permanent Design Observatory was presented during an event in Milan on 15th October during Fall Design Week and, subsequently, in Rome.

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Vic Creamy and Globo Retrò by Iarp make summer last all year

Iarp presents its newest arrivals in the range of plug-in cabinets: Vic Creamy and Globo Retrò, elegant and exclusive models to enhance traditional ice-cream in bars, patisseries or restaurants.

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"How can natural refrigeration be as simple as it is ingenious? #EptaExperience is the way" a Chillventa2018

Epta offers natural refrigeration solutions all over the world, designed to meet the needs of each individual customer. Epta can design, manufacture and install systems for any type of store and has the technology to be efficient in any climate condition.

Epta is participating in Chillventa2018, presenting the concept:
"How can natural refrigeration be as simple as it is ingenious? #EptaExperience is the way".

Chillventa2018 will showcase Epta’s innovation in refrigeration systems and cold room design.

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