Full service technical assistance for your plug-in cabinets
An additional guarantee for clients who choose IARP brand self-contained plug-in cabinets and an additional area of distinction for the brand:  the assurance of an After-Sales Service, provided by the Epta Group for its brands.

Presence and competence are the bywords: a wide range of services available to clients, including maintenance and spare parts management for every type of refrigerated unit. Our clients can be sure of an immediate response and quick intervention, ensured by the competent personnel from our approved service centres and by well-stocked warehouses around the world. Thanks to an excellent traceability process which uses computer management of plug-in cabinet serial numbers, spare parts are always easy to find. In short, service assistance that can restore and maintain long term efficiency and performance of IARP products: constant, dedicated attention, all to the client's advantage.

Reconditioning for efficiency
A strong point of Epta service, specifically aimed at commercial refrigeration solutions produced by the IARP brand, is the complete reconditioning of display counters and cabinets. The process starts with cleaning the cabinet, then replacement of parts with original spares and, finally, full cabinet refurbishment: this ensures, on the one hand, the best performance during the service life of the cabinet, and on the other, the exclusive option of reconditioning and making the client's plug-in cabinet even more attractive for a new business season. In this way, the client can always count on perfect, attractive presentation of their products, which more effectively encourages impulse buying.


Epta assists Customers from the study of the store layout to system personalisation, relying on the professionalism of the EptaConcept team, to create attractive spaces that help enhance the products on display.


The group offers customers an exclusive instalment-purchase of its products and services through EptaFinancialService.