Vending / Cool Emotions

glee 45 vipay

Energy class
Vending / Cool Emotions

glee 45 vipay

Energy class

Smart Cooler which offer the new shopping experience “take first pay later", an innovative system compared to the standard and inverse experience with automatic distributors. The advanced technology of artificial vision applied to the Iarp display cases and combined with an automatic learning algorithm, makes the shopping experience unusually exciting and different. Payment, by credit or debit card and the most famous payment apps such as Google Play or Apple Pay, is fast and impeccable. Glee 45 VIPay give the possibility to promote and sell articles of greater value such as ice cream.

  • Cloud-based monitoring platform 
  • Easy and fast client experience, no need for cash
  • Highest precision in product recognition

GLEE 45 VIPay is dedicated to ice cream and frozen dishes. 


Frozen food


Off-cycle defrost


LED lighting

Electric controller.jpg

Electric controller




Propane refrigerant gas (R290)


Incorporated condensing unit

Free maintenance condenser.jpg

Free maintenance condenser