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Vending Machine Iarp: the revolution of automatic distributors with the ColDistrict range

Vending Machine Iarp: the revolution of automatic distributors with the ColDistrict range

The vending world is continuously evolving, and the key words are innovation, sustainability, increase in offer and user experience. Epta responds to these trends with the renewal of its Coldistrict range, with products that are all available in Class C or higher.  

One family for beverages, fresh articles, snacks and ice cream which comes as the perfect expression of the concept Your #futurevolution: the Epta System. The goal is to help relaunch the DA sector and meet the challenge of the ecological and digital transition experienced by the sector. Iarp proposes vending designed according to the principles of Ecodesign and best-in-class within the framework of the European Energy Labelling Regulation.

The most innovative automatic distributors are sustainable

Luca Valeri, F&B Area Sales Manager Epta declares: “To confirm our ongoing commitment to sustainable innovation, at the Venditalia trade fair Epta presented Brera B, Brera Slave B and Chelsea B. These are the first automatic distributors on the market which are also available in Class B. It is an important milestone we are proud of, achieved thanks to the in-depth knowledge, experience and reliability of the Group in the refrigeration world and our commitment to energy saving.”

This result is achieved thanks to the use of energy efficient LEDs and the choice of natural propane gas. This refrigerant has one GWP (Global Warming Potential) equal to 3, so close to the minimum value of 1.

Iarp focuses on technology with the Coldistrict range  

Furthermore, to respond to the needs of increasingly digital and demanding customers, Iarp focuses on technology and a wider offer of products.

The new proposals on show at Venditalia feature the vending prototype Marina Bay, which boasts a patent-pending collection system. Thanks to the application of micro-robotics and a mechanical arm which “accompanies” the products, it ensures safe dispensing of any type of product with delivery at ergonomic height.

One of the most important novelties is the passage from the classic push button panel to a 4-inch display touch screen for all Coldistrict models, with large screens of up to 8 inches. These allow to transmit promotional messages: a better purchasing experience for the final user, and a marketing tool for the operator. The additional vocal command module has also been implemented for a contactless experience. Worthy of note are also the innovations made to make dispensing even more reliable, thanks to the presence of motors able to manage the double rotation.

Iarp Coldistrict: versatile vending machines at the service of user experience

Furthermore, Coldistrict is composed of different models to guarantee users a higher number of products, which also include food for specific diets, health products, sandwiches and ready-made dishes. The solutions for fresh products and beverages include Brera with six selections, in the Master and Slave versions, Chelsea, with eight selections and Trocadero, with ten selections. For ice cream, Iarp proposes Brooklyn which can hold up to two hundred products, an absolute novelty in the Iarp range. This last model, flagship of the range, has been designed for traditional gelato packaged in single serve portions or trays and for commercial ice cream which has recorded a strong rise and interest in the out of home sector.

The versatility of Coldistrict is reflected in its completely personalisable design, thanks to the application of stickers or digital prints on the glass and metal surfaces. The appealing aesthetics and the full-glass doors enhance the products on display, stimulating further impulse buying.

With Coldistrict, sustainability merges with the attention to user experience, confirmed by the ability of the range to intercept the new opportunities for consumption. It fits well into any context, from offices, to universities, to hospitals, to railway stations, to metro stops to city neighbourhoods.