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Epta will be present at the biennial Climatización y Refrigeración - C&R - 2023, an important Spanish event dedicated to ventilation, cooling and refrigeration. The trade fair will be held in IFEMA in Madrid from 14 to 17 November and will focus on technological evolution, the reduction of energy consumption and respect for the environment. These three are the distinctive drives of the event, a platform targeted at promoting sustainable progress for the entire sector.

Epta, in line with the founding principles of the fair and in its role as Green Transition Enabler, presents its sub-brands EptaService and EptaTechnica. On show, also the refrigerated cabinets branded Costan and Iarp and a wall dedicated to components for Misa cold rooms.


EptaTechnica and EptaService: the souls of Epta

EptaTechnica and EptaService, the two souls of Epta, come together under the banner of modularity and constant performance monitoring of refrigerated furniture. The all-round technical and turn-key offer of Epta, as complete system provider, is represented in the two brands EptaTechnica and EptaService, as a tangible expression of the claim “Innovation Reloaded. The Epta Sustainable System”. This concept enhances the Epta system as an element of sustainable innovation to steer Clients towards an ecological transition.


EptaService with SwitchON and LineON, turns on evolved functions

EptaService with SwitchON and LineON turns on evolved functions, which include new digital services to access Epta’s Digital Hub and the advanced diagnostic platforms. LineON is for the plug-ins, integral cabinets and cold rooms while SwitchON is for the remote cabinets and refrigeration packs.

LineOn is a technology which allows to analyse the technical and sales performance of the plug-in cabinets, process data reports on the check-ups and to geolocate the furniture, thanks to the alert signal in case of movements. LineOn is available in two different versions:

  1. Full OEM Solution, with application in the production phase and access to connected services
  2. Smart Plug Solution, solution applied, using an accessory box, during the retrofit phase in a simple and fast way.

This last option, applied to different refrigerated furniture on display, stands out also thanks to the GranVista Integral Ultra and GranBering Integral Ultra, branded Costan. Vertical “plug and play” with doors, respectively for pre-packaged fresh produce and for frozen produce, which are at the top of the range in terms of Energy Labelling in class B and which are conceived to function on R290 propane gas.