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A completely new solution to stimulate impulse buying: Iarp presents Globo NG for ice cream

A completely new solution to stimulate impulse buying: Iarp presents Globo NG for ice cream

A solution which is the perfect combination of aesthetics, functional design and innovative technology: Iarp presents Globo NG, the new compact ice cream cabinet which sets itself apart with it’s modern lines, robustness, practicality, energy saving and maximum possibility of personalisation.

Ideal to increase impulse buying inside bars, restaurants, kiosks on beaches and swimming pool edges, Globo NG relies on aesthetics to stimulate sales. The cabinet can be personalised on all sides thanks to an advanced system that allows digital printing directly on to sheet metal and reproduces any graphics or coordinated image of the Food&Bev brands, helping to increase brand-awareness.

Fitted with lids designed to facilitate sliding and make access to the products easier, the plug-in is available in four versions: Globo 480 AT and Globo 700 AT, which sets itself apart for the different dimensions and curved glass lids, Globo 700 CCS with flat solid lids and Globo 700 CSV with flat glass lids.

Another specific characteristic of this cabinet is its sturdiness. It is provided with a lateral production bumper, which intercepts shocks and impacts at the corners and a more resistant frame for the top part. The plug-in also features a comfortable door for stock, perfectly integrated into the lower section, and pivoting wheels which guarantee higher practicality.

Finally, Globo NG stands out for its eco-friendly soul and accompanies the choice of natural refrigerant Propane R920, with the electronic control of temperature to reduce consumption, a higher performing compressor (compared to the previous model) and a high efficiency and maintenance free condensing unit.