Vic Creamy and Globo Retrò by Iarp make summer last all year

Iarp presents its newest arrivals in the range of plug-in cabinets: Vic Creamy and Globo Retrò, elegant and exclusive models to enhance traditional ice-cream in bars, patisseries or restaurants.

Globo Retrò is a plug-in cabinet designed for the highest quality artisan ice-cream, guaranteed by its storage containers (4, 6 or 8 flavours depending on the versions), which assure better preservation of ice-cream, without altering the product characteristics. Vic Creamy, the second solution by Iarp, is a cabinet designed for the sale of industrially produced ice-cream, with 5L stainless steel pans, the possibility to configure with 5, 6, or 8 flavours and a closing system featuring high efficiency sliding glass doors.

Globo Retrò offers excellent performance and respect for the environment, thanks to the internal ventilation system, it is powered by natural refrigerant propane R290, guaranteeing a lower impact in terms of emissions. Vic Creamy also offers high performance, assured by a special new generation variable speed compressor, combined with the choice of natural refrigerant (R600a). The technological aspect of these solutions is also of note, offering the possibility of monitoring and regulating the temperature with a high precision electronic controller.

The two solutions can be personalised thanks to digital print, which allows to customise the lower part of the cabinet, to develop offers for a specific target market or to communicate special promotions.