Iarp City Collection is the brand new range of vending machines dedicated to ice-creams, snacks and drinks. The new line is the result of Plug-in power, an approach that summarises the philosophy and strengths of the brand: a high level of reliability, excellence and innovative capacity. To “switch on” the interest of potential Customers for the products that will be on display and the respective brands, Iarp has focused on an exclusive style that is able to satisfy the requirements of versatility and flexibility and be used within any display setting, with an attention to quality and the environment, as confirmed by its ISO:9001 and ISO:14001 certifications.

The new vending machines will surprise people with their metropolitan and captivating design: Milano, London, Barcelona and New York stand out because of the profiles of the respective cities on the sides. An additional prominent feature is the extreme ergonomics: the ease of use plays a fundamental role in incentivising impulse buying. The Iarp City Collection was designed specifically to improve customer interaction when purchasing, from the choice of the product through to collection. Specifically, the line has LED illumination and a new frameless full glass door which enhances the product on display, also a luminous display and a button panel that contribute to improving the customer experience and increasing sales. Finally, thanks to the new facility to print digital images directly onto metal sheets, the vending machines can be completely personalised to respond with simplicity and speed to every customer requirement.