#Experience JOY, GLEE and DELIGHT, the new Iarp plug-ins that make impulse purchases truly irresistible.

The cabinets from the new Emotions range were presented as a preview at Euroshop 2017 and stand out for their hi-tech design and elegant forms as well as the special blue LED lighting on the external profiles that help to attract the attention of consumers towards the products on display, incentivising impulse buying.

The line is the result of Plug-in power and comes in three models: the semi-vertical Joy 30 - ideal for displaying beverages -, the vertical Glee for beverages and ice-cream, that are also available in the special Winery versionand Delight for scooped ice-cream, which share the same aesthetics and are thus the perfect solution for ensuring the highest level of display consistency within bars and ice-cream shops. Thanks to the introduction of digital printing directly onto metal sheets, the cabinets can be completely personalised, in order to satisfy the requirements of display versatility and flexibility for every retail premises and improve the image and profitability of Food & Beverage and Ho.Re.Ca operators.

Available in two versions, Lite and Prime, they combine aesthetics with the utmost reliability: indeed, the exclusive plug-in technology ensures operational efficiency in any environment, eliminating the need for maintenance interventions for 1 year.

Check out the video for the new range! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lPjIRR6-BOY